Life & Silicone Sealant

I’ve not managed to work life out yet. 45 1/2 years in and I’m still none the wiser. Well I am wiser in a lot of aspects, but life? Nah not so much. Well not at all to be honest. Life is as simple as you make it some say. Well you can’t get any more simple than van life. Apparently... So why then is van life so damned complicated?

The other day I was pissing about trying to shut this damned heater fuel pump up, and noticed the carpet was soaking wet around the where the fuel line goes through the floor. I fitted the heater myself, and kinda just threw it in. It’s worked impeccably and I’ve been reluctant to touch it since. But where I drilled a hole through the floor and didn’t bother sealing it, water has ingressed at an alarming rate! It’s only a 6mm hole and the line through is 5mm. It’s tucked up in the corner and you wouldn’t think owt would get through but it obviously did.

So I bought a small tube of black silicon automotive sealant and got stuck in. What the hell is this shit anyway? It reminds me of toothpaste in that it sticks to absolutely fucking everything but what you want it too. Like toothpaste, damn shit won’t stick to the toothbrush but good forbid you try and get it off the sink or your t shirt... Same as this stuff. Would it stick to where I wanted it? No way Barry. No way. But my hands? Yep. The plastic gloves? Yep. My clothes? Also yep. Every single thing else I went within 18 inches of? Of fucking course.

I managed to get the micro gap filled in the end so I decided to reseal a couple of places I thought water might be getting. Around the roof mounted radio aerial and the junction box where the solar panel power cables enter the van. They are both on the outside of the over cab locker and I’m getting way too much condensation in there so I presume there’s also water getting there. Not my greatest idea of the day, and although it may just very well be watertight I’ve made a right hash of it. There’s sealant everywhere. I even managed to get some on my ole boy!

I was thinking of tackling my brakes next, but luckily my foresight is far better than my hindsight so I’ll leave that job to the professionals...

Ah well, that’s life I guess.

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