About Calamity Shane

This is a brutally honest account of his own full-time vanlife written in a style that is smoother than a buttered panther.
From setting fire to one armpit and one eyebrow and getting his own poo on his lip to having dark times and crying into his cereal, there is never a moment of peace. Get ready for a whirlwind of laughter, tears and emotions you never knew you had! You'll be reaching for the tissues quicker than a greased cat on a marble floor...

Fair warning: As stated, this is a brutally honest account and lots of naughty words are used within. 

Calamity Shane was born via a freak accident when he started writing about his woes on social media, shortly after moving into his van. Father of 5, Shane has been through the mill. He's a medical protege having survived Meningitis in his 20's, 8 pancreatic attacks throughout his life and a month long coma in his 40's.

Several failed businesses, 3 marriages, a 14 year HGV career and a pretty chequered misspent youth as well as a short stint in the army have all but hardened Shane to a point where when things go wrong, he simply chuckles, makes a note of it and turns those experiences into a story. 

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