The Saga Of Calamity Shane

Where Only The Brave Read On

Welcome to my vanlife blog.

This is no ordinary blog. It's a collection of mishaps, quandaries and stuff that's on my mind in a no holds barred, brutally honest account of my own full-time vanlife.

 Fair warning ~ If you're offended by bad language, honest talk and men crying, pop to the library and grab a copy of Winnie The Pooh instead as this blog probably isn't for you!

If the thought of a fellow human getting his own poo on his face or setting fire to himself or pissing himself after touching an electric fence with his belly, all whilst battling PTSD and necrotising chronic pancreatitis and living in the back of a van makes you chuckle from the belly then please, do read on...

Some call me a wordsmith. Some call me inspiring. Whatever, I'm just trying to survive.

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