Fairies & Vanlifers

Fairies seem to have it made. They live in tiny little houses carved into trees or the skirting board, flitting about waving their magic wands and sprinkling sparkles everywhere without a care in the world. But what’s it like behind closed doors? When we’re not looking, they’re busy picking up litter and tidying up. Putting right the humans wrongs. They’re busy little dudettes really. Working hard and never asking for a thank you. Just like us vanlifers.

To many, we’re seen as a pain in the arse. They don’t understand our way of life, why we’d want to live in a small tin can with minimal belongings, choosing to live without hardly ever actually knowing where we’re going to live the following night. But alas, when these people that sneer at us aren’t looking, we’re busy picking up litter. We’re on the beach in the evening picking up the crap left behind by the very people that snub their noses at us. We’re cleaning and tidying up the immediate area like little fairies. We ask for no thanks. We are just gratuitous of our beautiful surroundings. We spend money wherever we stop, bringing much needed income to the the local vicinity too. Just like fairies, we flit about, working from our tiny homes, looking after your area. We love our life and we love your town, village, city, coastal spot, whatever. This morning I was picking up litter from the roadside, a road that I never even stayed on last night just one I parked on to enjoy the view and half filled a rubbish bag. At the top of the road was a bin. I was just stuffing the bag into the bin when a stranger said “I’m fed up with you lot filling this bin up with your rubbish!” I replied “I’m not sure I understand what you mean. I’ve literally just picked all of this up from the roadside over the last half hour!” He said “Well can’t you put it somewhere else?” I just smiled at him and said “You’re welcome” before wandering back to my van for a nice hot coffee.

With ignorance comes misunderstanding. We are very much misunderstood in the grand scheme of things. We’re not the baddies of the road. We’re the little fairies. Please, give us a break. We bring no harm only smiles.

That said, I’m not a fan of the tooth fairy. She teaches children that they can sell body parts for money. And that’s just weird...

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