I bumped into an old friend the other day. Someone that I used to like a lot. We drifted apart because we were different. He was a chaser. Always chasing his dreams, chasing money, women, something. He could never find what it was he was looking for and was always too busy for his real friends, the ones that stood by him, were there for a shoulder. Too busy chasing the fake ones to improve his image.

Anyway, I bumped into him and I knew immediately exactly how the conversation was going to go:“Hey how ya doing? Long time no see? How’s living in a van? Still bumming around wearing the same 4 T-shirts? Anyway - me - me - me -me”

I could have written the code for this moment of my life as I was 100% right. I listened to him telling me about his new car and his two new girlfriends that know about each other and they sometimes do “the thang” and some other stuff about how much money they earned last year, I dunno, I kinda drifted off.

I interrupted him and said “I have something that you’ll never ever have”“Doubt it but go on” he replied.

“Enough” I said as I winked at him and walked off.

Enough, because I am happy with my lot. I am satisfied with my life.

I have been struggling with my mind again hence the lack of blogs. But I’m still here, still smiling (mostly) and still vanlifing. And I’m feeling new. Fresh. Like Lynx Africa shower fresh. My book is most definitely not ready yet either but it will be by the end of the year. I promise.

I’ve been staying on a farm campsite where I’ve found peace with myself. I help out a lot around the farm and site and they, the farming family, help me out. I’ve finally begun to learn who I am and my purpose in life. I’m no longer lonely on my own and no longer get on my own nerves. Each day life presents new experiences and each day is welcomed with a lust only a horny rabbit could match!

A lot has happened over the last couple of months, calamity wise, and I shall tell more soon. Some you’ll laugh at (like not pegging my new shower tent down and showing the whole campsite a view of my rusty sheriffs badge) and some you’ll cry at. But I will get back to writing very very soon.

I’ve got this. I’ve got this.

Big love

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Annette Lynes
2 years ago

Enough..fabulous comment..I wonder if he got it..or will ever get it? Wonderful that you're on a farm..2 way appreciation and surrounded by animals ❤️ and the skies...priceless..so pleased for you..enjoy!