Empty Gas | Full Gas

Well last night was relatively uneventful, however, today was a different story!


I was going to have steak for dinner tonight that I bought a couple of days ago, but this plonker didn't switch the fridge on. So I thought sod it, pot noodle it is. So I gets the kettle out, filled it, lit the gas and poof! Goes out. Ah crap. Out of gas. Pack everything away and tootle off to the nearest petrol station with gas.

Said empty gas bottle is in a cupboard under the hob. But woe and behold, like everything in my life, it didn't want to be easy. It was just a smidge too big to get out the door gap as the seat is preventing the door from opening fully. It'll fit... It'll fit... Wiggle yank wiggle yank... Big tug... Oh. Door falls off... It doesn't fit.

Cursing I take the bottle into the garage to hear "sorry, don't do those ones" but it's calor. Just swap it. "can't mate. That's a Calor Cube like for like on those and we don't do them" he picked it up and then said "it's full anyway"

That'll be why it's heavy... Turns out my regulator let go so just bought a new reg instead.

On the flip side, I just discovered that the centre tray flicks over to a table I always thought that was a stupid place to put cup holes...

Wonder what tomorrow brings...

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2 years ago

Great stuff!