It's Been A While...

It’s been a while! Not sure why really to be honest. I know y’all love my stories and antics so what’s up? Well I guess a combination of things. Writers block, lack of things worthwhile of writing about, head space, ill health. So let’s see if I can’t break some of those blocks!

So what have I been up too then? Not much really. I’ve had a lot of problems with my body - joint pain, mainly in my knee but not restricted to shoulder, hip and hand. Oh and as of today, my back! Literally falling apart at the seams.

I’ve just mainly been kicking about the farm trying my best not to be eaten by the pigs really. Winter was pretty fun as I was finally prepared, even for the snow! I was warm and cozy which is the main thing.

I lost several awnings but was rescued by one of you readers with a pretty awesome gift of an awning and another reader gave me a wood burning stove too! So that was space and extra heat sorted. You’ll be happy to know that the awning is still standing even though I “had a fall” and ripped a part when I fell against it with my fat dad bod! And I haven’t burned the farm down with the stove either.

The boys have been well entertained too, and still absolutely adore coming here and of course their time with me. Fuck knows why though, I do moan a lot! They’ve learned so much and get excited at seemingly mud and things but, whatever floats their boat I guess.
They’re still a bit fighty but as the days are warming up they’re spending more time outside so I guess they’re expending more energy.
As long as there’s a fire for Marshall to light and shit for Brayden to burn they’re happy!

The ole van passed its MOT which was a major relief! It desperately needed new pads and discs before hand as they were simply lethally dangerous. A good lad came up from Southend and fitted them for me so I owe him a big one! Transit discs and pads are an absolute fucker to change and is a pretty big job so I’m forever grateful!

Things have been super tight lately as I’ve not been able to work due to the problems above but I’m not dead yet. At least I don’t think I am anyway… Luckily I’m an expert at making meals from grass and twigs with a side of puddle water. I have learned to be a bit frugal too, even washing my clothes by hand in an old butler sink I found and wearing my pants for two days. Just kidding, I just go commando when I’ve run out…
I’ve also learned that peanut butter does not go with everything. I’m particular it does not go in a bacon sandwich. Not my brightest move for sure…

So, any calamitous events lately? Well there’s been a few but I’ll write those up in fresh blogs. This is really just a quick catch up with me and to say hi!
Anyways, sorry for the big gap and sorry for boring the arse off you for a few minutes! Hope y’all have a terrific weekend!

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a year ago

Grass, twigs and a side puddle of water, pure gold. Can't stop laughing. Need more. X