A Week Of Reflections

It’s been a busy week this one. I managed to delete my YouTube channel, watched the coastguard search for a mad swimmer in a raging stormy sea, ate bad bacon and nearly shit myself and lost a dear friend to cancer.

So where to start? I guess with the dodgy bacon. The bacon from hell. I’m always forgetting to turn the fridge on, which isn’t good when it’s full of meat stuff. Van fridges are flower hungry beasts when being run off grid, so we tend to run them only when the engine is running or when the sun is beaming out powering the solar. So it’s always a battle with the brain recall system to remember to switch it on. Or off for that matter. Over time I must have gotten a tad mixed up and ended up switching it off when it should be on and vice versa. Which ultimately ended up in a case of bad bacon and even badder guts... lesson learned... probably not...

Next up I decided to change my YouTube channel, the one I’d just set up and asked y’all to subscribe which you did by the truck load, into a creator/brand account. After many hours of pissing about with it I thought I’d succeeded but alas, when I went back to see how good my efforts were paying off there was no channel. Where the fuck did that go? I had no idea. It simply vanished like a fart in the wind. Poof! After many sweats and even more tears, it reappeared just as quickly as it had gone. No explanation, nothing. Just reappeared like a returning naughty teenager that had sneaked out of his bedroom window for a shag.

Then last night as I sat cozy in my van ten foot away from the sea wall watching the stormy sea boil over the wall and drown my van, I saw blue flashing lights. Loads of them. The Coastguard and several police cars pulled up a few hundred feet from me. What the blazes is going on here then? It turned out that some nutter had decided to go swimming in said raging sea. Someone in a house overlooking the sea had seen this person being flung about like shit in a monkey fight and called for help. A lifeboat and search team set about to find this person but after a couple of hours they were stood down by mission control. I know no more than that, but I felt comforted having seen the lengths these guys go too to help a member of the public no matter how they got themselves into that situation.

Cancer. It’s fucking awful. Yesterday a dear friend that I’ve known for a quarter of a century was taken by this absolute wanker of a disease. I have so many fond memories of her and her family, so many smiles and laughs. I’ve taken every single one of my kids as new born babies to meet her. She will be causing mayhem in heaven, and will be sorely missed by many on this planet. Rest in peace my special friend.

Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important, capture the good times and develop from the negatives. If things don’t turn out, take another shot.

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