Fixing Shit & Beautiful Views

Yesterday I had a chance to put right some calamities I’ve had over the last couple of months. 
First on the list was my high level brake light. I never knew it was out until a nice police officer pulled me over to tell me. He made a note and said should it not be fixed the next I get tugged I’ll be arrested and publicly flogged. Not sure what I got excited about more, the free tug or the whipping in front of a crowd. In handcuffs...

Since then I’d already set about taking the lens cover off to find there was absolutely nowt behind it no wires, no fitting, nowt. I quickly popped the cover on and even more quickly forgot about it. Until yesterday. I saw a high police presence in the area I’m in and quickly went through that mental list:
Seatbelt on. Check.
Alcohol free. Check. (Been sober 4 1/2 years anyway)
Phone in holder. Check.
Fully clothed. Check.
You know all that shit that goes through your mind when you’re looking unshaven and shifty and the rozzers are flying about.
I stripped off the internal door covering, insulation, lower panel, more insulation, only to find minimal access. I found the bulb holder and wiring wedged in behind the door opening mechanism, about 1.2 metres away from where it should be and pulled it out. Using a length of surplus diesel fuel line I fed it through the brake light hole down to the wiring, zip tied it on and fed it back up. I even had the right bulb spare too! I clipped it all together and replaced all the panelling. Simples.
I have missed out the 157 swear words, broken finger, 4 lumps on my head, 12 biscuits and 2 cuts because I feel fixing a calamity with a calamity just wouldn’t be right.
Next up was a leisure battery swap. That really was simple. I still don’t know why one of the three wasn’t charging but it’s swapped now. We’ll see if that one dies too, then I’ll know if there’s a problem. That’s how I sort shit man.
I did a front side light bulb the other day which resulted in as many broken legs and fingers as the brake light. And I reset the windscreen wiper position as they weirdly stopped in the middle of the screen that was pretty simple to be fair.
I’ve discovered a leak somewhere. Well I haven’t discovered it yet. But I know there’s rain water dripping in. A lot of it. Well more pouring in than actual dripping. But it’s not raining right now so I don’t need to fix it just yet.
The wind caught my drivers door and whipped the fucker right round, even denting the door skin when it hit the wing. It can stay like that as it’ll remind me to hold on to the bastard tighter next time.
Now there’s just the tv aerial on the roof that I knocked off today under a low branch to fix I found the magnet after I retraced my drive and found it stuck to a manhole cover. Bonus!
After those stressful few hours I found the most beautiful spot to park at that I’ve ever found! Well I say I found, Kerry showed it to me on one of our walks but I’m claiming it as my spot. I even thought about painting a reserved sign on the road...
I sat there for hours watching the sun go down over Wales, letting the atmosphere soak into me, revitalising my soul. This place is special to me in more ways than just that. I’ve met someone so special she makes me feel electrified! So alive I fear it’s all but a dream! But it’s not a dream, it’s real. I know that because I feel different when she’s not around me. I feel kinda lost. Like a bit is missing. Only feeling complete again when we’re together.
I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!
Today is Kerry’s birthday so I’d like to say happy birthday and hope you have a smashing day! I might even bring some apple crumble round later
I must go now because I’ve just had a battered sausage and chips from t’chippy and it’s not liking me very much. When will I ever learn...
Did you know the word Ikea is actually made up of two Swedish words? Ika, meaning Sunday, and keya, meaning 'fucking ruined'.

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