Thank You

The last couple of days have been a weird couple of days for me. More highs and lows than a Peruvian crack den.

I’m learning that people are awesome. So so awesome! I genuinely don’t know where to start or how to show my gratitude, so I’m just going to simply say “Thank you, y’all have picked me up and stroked my hair”.

Nothing deep this morning, the guy outside that’s been volleying his ball since first light may have some deep words said to him though... Nothing deep because I don’t need to say it. Your support for me, the blog, the group, has been nothing but incredible, and it’s twisting my melon man! (If a mans melon can be twisted in a good way!)

I have met some insanely awesome people on this journey, and they’ll stay in my life forever! As will each and every one of you!

I don’t really know where I’m going with this and I keep getting distracted by that shiny thing over there, so I’m just going to end here: y’all are my superheroes. And I need a poo.

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