Being Broken & Getting Fixed

I heard someone tell a story so amazing over the weekend, I thought I’d share it with you. I’ll tell it from the first person point of view. It rang so true for me I cried like a little bitch.  I’ve obviously put my own twist to it!

I was in Poundland the other day and was just milling around. There was a mum with her two kids, young ones. The elder one about 7 and the other about 3. They were being kids, asking incessantly for this and for that “mummy I want this car. Mummy mummy mummy please please mummy” grabbing stuff off the shelf, mum patiently putting the stuff back on the shelf. The younger one copying his big brother.

I watched intently and with admiration at patience of the mother. After a while the mum cracks as anyone would and eventually gives in, grabbing a pack of glow sticks off the shelf and hands them to the immediately and silent happy older child. Of course the younger one wants a piece of this happiness so bursts into a fit of hysteria until the mum grabs the pack of glow sticks and hands a single stick to the young one who then proceeds to be Harry Potter, waving it around, casting spells and the like. When he got this glow stick, he thought that he got what he wanted. We end up at the till in parallel queues, and I’m still watching as the older kid grabs the glow stick off of the younger making him launch into a thrash of screams so highly pitched, dogs around the world suddenly laid down and rolled over! The lad snaps the stick across his knee and shook it with all his might and hands it back. It shined almost as brightly as the young ones little face! He was astounded at this magical wonder! Sorcery of the highest level! The glow stick that he was perfectly happy with before, is now even better! Better than he could ever have imagined! Shining brighter than it did it in its original form!

The message inside this story is that in order to shine as bright as you possibly can, you must be broken first. Back to me. I was broken, very broken, but now I’m shining as bright as I possibly can! I realised that you have to be broken, before you can find your true shine. Because when you’re broken, and you fix yourself, 100% of the time you will shine brighter than you ever did before. Even though you thought that what you had is what you really wanted, you just didn’t know how good it could be, because you were unaware of it.

If you’re broken get fixed. Shine bright and send your mind interstellar! It’s awesome!

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