A No Calamity Calamity

Today was oddly calamity free, despite being very productive. I do feel a little sad that no calamities were had though.

It's a strange feeling, comparable to getting married and everything goes really well, the bride turns up, the mother in law behaves all night and doesn't even pop a single tittie out, the best man remembers the ring and doesn't cop off with anything under the age 35 and the cake cutting went perfectly! It's a little bit of a let down, you know? No dramas had. No "issues" with bride and groom to facetweet about.I feel, well deflated somewhat.I installed a new head unit in the cab. No sparks were had a no fires started. It worked first time and I even found a Simply Red CD in it!I had a spring clean of the back, the hoover didn't blow up the inverter, despite not being the correct type. I washed up and didn't burn myself nor did I have a flood of epic proportions.I installed some cabinet locks for my forever sliding out on every bend drawers. I went back to last night's spot and my favourite space was still available.The bloody yellow thing in the sky came out for a few hours and I managed to get almost a full bank of batteries!

I did however stop at a snack wagon and have a combo French stick that my pancreas didn't want to do it's job for and it swiftly left my body 15 minutes later! Didn't even have time to draw the curtains in the back! BUT nobody knocked on the window, nobody touched themselves whilst observing and I didn't drop my gentlemans vegetables in the tank because I emptied it yesterday.

So, I can only apologise and I promise to try harder tomorrow.

Here's a photo of tonight's view and a poorly taken selfie as a condolence prize

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