To Infinity And Beyond

To infinity and beyond has a special meaning to me. It means to me that there is absolutely no limit to what we can do, what we can achieve. And when we’ve achieved what we set out to do then we move beyond that moment to the next moment which is that which drives us, spurs us on and we keep going. We keep pushing.

Sure sometimes we fail and sometimes quite spectacularly too, I know this only all too well. But I don’t let the failures stop me moving forward. I see them as stepping stones to the next moment l gradually, slowly, step by clumsy step head towards “infinity” preparing to pass it by and go beyond! I’m not sure that makes any sense to you guys, but in short: “don’t let anything stop you achieving what you want to do and when you’ve grabbed those big hairy nuts, reach a bit higher!” Should’ve led with that really, shouldn’t I

This afternoon I’ve been sat in the sunshine in Hertfordshire in another friends beautiful pub carpark (thanks man, you’re a star) watching Red Kites swoop the skies and Robins dart about the low trees and the biggest bumble bees I’ve ever seen buzz around. It’s been a relentlessly busy couple of weeks. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while. A moment to reflect and clear my head. Earlier I set about to do this but the spot I was in became very busy so I legged it from there before the pitch forks came out, but not before I had an excellent chat with Land Rover guy about all sorts of stuff. His dog just sitting there listening. Which makes me think, do dogs think in woofs? I mean are they actually barking in their heads having a conversation with themselves like we do? I went to a lay-by a couple of miles away that a remembered from my HGV days but holy moly has it changed! It was disgusting. Jonny wrappers everywhere, the bushes absolutely stuffed with all sorts of rubbish, mainly from the resident snack van but also from drivers clearing out their foot wells too. There was even a hifi unit and speakers in there. And the stench! Stone me I’ve never smelt anything like it! The only way I can describe it is of rotting corpses.

I didn’t stay long, and drove off faster than I could choke on a bag of Skittles (that’s a story for another day) and headed for the lay-by further up. Which was closed off by massive concrete blocks. Big huge vehicle stoppers. Not sure why it’s shut but they need to paint them in a brighter colour than the camouflage green that they were painted... It was then that I realised how close I was to my mate Mike’s pub so I headed there, forgetting how idyllic it was having not been there for 25+ years. I settled down on the top corner of the car park, just as the sun broke through the clouds and dropped him a message to double check it was still ok. And it was. All was good.

As I said, I sat there day dreaming and watching the wildlife cavort about, flirting with nature with their only worries being what to have for dinner and not actually being dinner. It was blissful. There was a tractor cutting the grass in the horse field behind me which helped to mask the smell of horse shit, of which I’m not a fan, and I listened as the blades spin fast, whizzing the grass into shreds. It reminded me of being a youngster, playing in the fields, flattening the corn and making camps in the woods. And lighting fires and burning entire crops to the ground by accident but we won’t talk about that, eh?

I had a huge chat with Kerry about my writing and how much it meant to people and got a well needed kick up the arse to write today’s blog. During the conversation I explained how I’d always wanted to be a writer, ever since I picked up my first copy of Terry Pratchett’s - Discworld at the age of seven. I was awestruck and hooked immediately, skipping over the text just so I could see how it ended. Then realising I didn’t really understand the ending I started again, this time absorbing every little bit of this glorious book! I decided it was then that this was my future. No not being a tiny person living on a rotating disc with weird and wonderful creatures, as lovely as that would be (although I’d probably get eaten on the first chapter) but I wanted to write. My ambition never really went anywhere. I was never taken seriously, being the class clown, the joker. The funny guy who was decent to have a beer with because he’s so clumsy. Then life happens and things just don’t work out. But then Kerry made me realise that it was indeed working out. To write you need to have something to write about. And my life is exactly what I’m writing about.

My life has been heading towards infinity since it started and when I reach infinity, I shall blast that mother trucker out of the sky and head towards the beyond!

2 & To Infinity And Beyond!

I must go now as there’s a Red Kite circling above eyeing me up and I need to fatten up quick before he takes me for a meal. But I’ll leave you with this quote and a nice view. Of the beach...

Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.

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